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Welcome to On the Range with MrHolster

Welcome to On the Range with MrHolster


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Our Weekend Show

Every Weekend MrHolster ( and sometimes MrsHolster ) is out on one of the 3 shooting ranges here at the ranch shooting a firearm. Classic or new there is always something different and interesting for MrHolster to talk about when he gets back to the shop..


Coffee in the tackroom

Wake up and have your Coffee with MrHolster early every Wednesday morning with his original show Coffee in the Tackroom.



.MrHolster's (Scott Thorfinnson) experiences give him an unique insight to personal security with over 12 years experience providing plain clothed Armed Protective Services as well as having worked as an Investigator since 1986.

Some of MrHolster's past firearm related experiences include:      

Graduate in Advanced Defensive Pistol, Advanced Tactical Pistol and Advanced Tactical Shotgun. Gunsite Academy

Member of the 1995 Task Force to Advise Minnesota State Licensing Board on the development and implementation of legislatively required Investigative and Security firearms training 

1991 through 1995 MADPA Training Coordinator.

Member of the Advisors Task Force to the Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety on Private and Public Law Enforcement Cooperation in 1994.

Goin' Hot

Every now and then MrHolster takes a look at a new gun and defensive ammunition on his program Goin' Hot.

Jacks New Ride

You won't want to miss the latest of Jack's Adventures.


Executive Producer Jack Thorfinnson

The Show that put Jack on the map.

Pop the top on this One

MrHolster Pops the Top on some Rye and fights glasses full of West Texas Dust.

To the Sunny Slopes of Long Ago

After MrHolster and Jack toast to the past sunny slopes the fun begins with jokes and then a look at a classic sidearm or rifle.